About Us

Bless B Peprah Consult is a trusted Agency in eduactional and general purpose consulting.

We offer consultation on higher education for students. Consultations generally include; what institutions to apply to based on future aspirations, what courses and programs to offer, how to secure funding, how to secure your first internship or leanerhsip. How to prepare your CV and Resume for a job.

For Non Students, we offer consultation on vital government services like PSIRA, Unemployment Insurance, Tax Filing and Auditing related services.

We have a vast pool of agents and experts across multiple topics. We connect clients to required experts and help make their wants and needs met in a professional manner. On our blog, we write highly researched articles on various topics to serve as an easy to use and hands on guide for our internet savvy clients.

Trust and honesty is our hallmark and we never stop striving to be better at what we do. We hope to keep improving to keep serving you better.

For all enquiries, kindly drop us an email at info@blessbperah.com / blessblepeprah@gmail.com