Can foreign students work in Singapore

Yes, foreign students are generally allowed to work in Singapore while studying, subject to certain conditions and regulations. The Ministry of Manpower (MOM) in Singapore has specific guidelines regarding part-time employment for international students.

Here are some key points to note:

  1. Student Pass Holders: Foreign students studying full-time at institutions approved by the Ministry of Education or the Committee for Private Education are eligible to work part-time during term time, as well as full-time during vacation periods.
  2. Work Limitations: International students are allowed to work a maximum of 16 hours per week during term time. However, during scheduled school breaks, holidays, and vacations, they can work full-time without any restrictions.
  3. Work Permit: As a foreign student, you don’t need a separate work permit to undertake part-time employment while studying in Singapore. Your Student Pass serves as your work permit.
  4. Work Eligibility: While you can work in most industries, there are certain sectors such as massage parlors, bars, and nightclubs where international students are not allowed to work.
  5. Letter of Consent (LOC): In some cases, students may need to obtain a Letter of Consent (LOC) from the Ministry of Manpower to work. The LOC is usually required for internships, attachments, or jobs that are not directly related to the student’s field of study.