Does State Farm offer any financial services?

Yes, State Farm offers a range of financial services in addition to its insurance products. These financial services include:

  1. Banking: State Farm Bank offers a range of banking products, including checking accounts, savings accounts, money market accounts, and certificates of deposit. State Farm Bank also offers credit cards, loans, and mortgage refinancing.
  2. Investment Products: State Farm offers a variety of investment products, including mutual funds, individual retirement accounts (IRAs), and 529 college savings plans. State Farm’s investment products are offered through State Farm Investment Management Corp., a registered investment advisor.
  3. Estate Planning: State Farm’s estate planning services include wills, trusts, and power of attorney documents. These services are provided through a partnership with a third-party legal services provider.
  4. Financial Planning: State Farm offers financial planning services through its network of financial advisors. These advisors can help customers create a personalized financial plan based on their goals and risk tolerance.
  5. Annuities: State Farm offers fixed and variable annuities, which are financial products designed to provide a guaranteed stream of income in retirement.

Overall, State Farm’s financial services offerings are designed to help customers achieve their financial goals and plan for the future. Customers can work with a State Farm agent or financial advisor to determine which financial products and services are right for them.