How to add or remove a beneficiary from my AXA Insurance policy in Singapore

To add or remove a beneficiary from your AXA Insurance policy in Singapore, you will need to follow these steps:

  1. Contact AXA Insurance: Get in touch with AXA Insurance’s customer service department either by phone or email. You can find the contact information on their website or the policy documents.
  2. Provide policy details: When you reach out to AXA Insurance, provide them with your policy number and any other relevant information to help them locate your policy and verify your identity.
  3. Request the beneficiary change: Clearly state your intention to add or remove a beneficiary from your policy. If you want to add a beneficiary, provide the full name, relationship, and contact details of the person you wish to add. If you want to remove a beneficiary, specify the name of the beneficiary you want to remove.
  4. Complete required forms: AXA Insurance will guide you through the necessary paperwork for the beneficiary change. They may provide you with a beneficiary change form or request specific documentation to support the change.
  5. Submit documentation: Fill out the beneficiary change form accurately and completely. If additional documents are required, such as identification or proof of relationship, make sure to gather and submit them as instructed.
  6. Review and sign: Carefully review the beneficiary change form and any other documents provided by AXA Insurance. Ensure that all information is correct and sign the form where necessary.
  7. Send the documents: Once you have completed the forms and gathered all the necessary documents, submit them to AXA Insurance as per their instructions. You may be required to send them via mail, email, or upload them through their online portal.
  8. Confirmation and updates: After AXA Insurance receives your request and supporting documents, they will process the beneficiary change. You should receive confirmation of the change once it is completed. If there are any issues or additional requirements, they will communicate with you accordingly