How to change my AXA Insurance policy coverage in Singapore

To change your AXA Insurance policy coverage in Singapore, you can follow these steps:

  1. Contact AXA Insurance: Reach out to AXA Insurance in Singapore through their customer service hotline or email. Obtain the relevant contact information from your policy documents or their official website.
  2. Explain your request: Clearly state that you would like to change your policy coverage. Provide your policy number and any other necessary details to help them locate your account quickly.
  3. Discuss options: Speak with an AXA Insurance representative who will guide you through the available coverage options. They will explain the changes you can make and provide information on any additional premiums or adjustments that may be involved.
  4. Evaluate coverage options: Carefully consider your insurance needs and the changes you wish to make. Discuss the various coverage options with the representative and ask any questions you may have to ensure you make an informed decision.
  5. Make necessary changes: Once you have decided on the revised coverage, inform the AXA representative of your choice. They will assist you in updating your policy accordingly.
  6. Review and sign documents: Review the revised policy documents provided by AXA Insurance. Ensure that all the changes you discussed are accurately reflected. If you are satisfied with the changes, sign the documents as required.
  7. Payment adjustments: Depending on the changes made to your coverage, there may be adjustments to your premium. AXA Insurance will inform you about any additional premiums, discounts, or refunds that apply.
  8. Confirmation and documentation: After completing the process, AXA Insurance will provide you with a confirmation of the changes made to your policy. Keep these documents in a safe place for future reference.