How to link MyInfo to corporate accounts for business transactions

To link MyInfo to corporate accounts for business transactions in Singapore, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Obtain a CorpPass Account: CorpPass is a corporate digital identity for businesses in Singapore. You need to apply for a CorpPass account by visiting the CorpPass website ( and following the registration process. Ensure that you have the necessary supporting documents ready, such as your business registration details and identification documents.
  2. Register for MyInfo for Business: Once you have a CorpPass account, log in to the MyInfo for Business portal ( using your CorpPass credentials. Follow the instructions provided to register your business and link it to your CorpPass account. You may need to provide relevant business information and documentation during the registration process.
  3. Verify Business Information: After registering for MyInfo for Business, you may be required to verify your business information. This can involve confirming details such as your business registration number, address, and contact information. Follow the instructions provided on the portal to complete the verification process.
  4. Access Corporate Account Services: Once your business information is verified, you can access corporate account services offered by participating banks and government agencies. These services may include opening business bank accounts, applying for government grants or licenses, and performing other business transactions.
  5. Link MyInfo to Corporate Accounts: When interacting with a specific bank or government agency, you can choose to link your MyInfo for Business data to your corporate account. This allows the relevant organization to access your verified business information securely, speeding up the account application or transaction process. The specific steps to link MyInfo to your corporate accounts may vary depending on the service provider, so refer to their instructions or contact their customer support for guidance.

Remember to always ensure the security and confidentiality of your corporate account information. If you have any concerns or issues during the process, you can reach out to the respective bank or government agency for assistance.