How to surrender a Prudential investment-linked policy in Singapore

To surrender a Prudential investment-linked policy in Singapore, you can follow these general steps:

  1. Review your policy documents: Carefully read through your policy contract to understand the surrender terms, conditions, and any applicable charges or penalties.
  2. Contact Prudential Singapore: Get in touch with Prudential Singapore’s customer service or your financial advisor. You can find the contact information on their official website or in your policy documents.
  3. Request surrender forms: Ask the customer service representative or your financial advisor to provide you with the necessary surrender forms. They may also be available for download from Prudential’s website.
  4. Fill out the surrender forms: Complete the required details on the surrender forms accurately. Ensure you provide your policy number, personal information, and any other requested information.
  5. Attach supporting documents: Prepare any supporting documents that may be required for the surrender process. This may include a copy of your identification documents (e.g., NRIC or passport) and the original policy contract.
  6. Submit the surrender forms: Return the completed surrender forms along with the supporting documents to Prudential. You can do this in person at a Prudential branch office, by mail, or through any other method specified by the company.
  7. Await confirmation: Prudential will process your surrender request and calculate the surrender value based on the policy terms and market conditions. They will communicate the surrender value to you through a surrender confirmation letter or email.
  8. Receive payment: Once the surrender value is confirmed, Prudential will arrange for the payment to be made to you. The payment can be in the form of a check, bank transfer, or other agreed-upon methods.

It’s important to note that surrendering an investment-linked policy may have financial implications, such as surrender charges and potential loss of benefits. It’s recommended to carefully review the terms and implications of surrendering your policy and consider seeking advice from a financial professional before making a decision.