Is 95 a good purity score?

The answer to “Is 95 a good purity score?” is simply YES. A score between 100 – 90 means you are a pure, innocent, and introverted person who is highly unlikely to socialize with senior groups.

What does my score mean?

The score is between 0 and 100 – the higher the score, the more ‘pure’ you are.

Score Meaning
100 to 98 You are as pure as gold. Very few people fall into this band.
97 to 94 You are quite pure. Perhaps you have kissed or held hands with someone.
93 to 77 You are averagely pure. You have probably loved someone.
76 to 45 Your purity is tainted. You have had numerous naughty experiences, used drugs, and/or had troubles with the law.
44 to 9 Your purity is very tainted. You have probably consumed hardcore drugs, been to jail, and/or been intimate in public.
8 to 0 You are as corrupt as they come. You have engaged in pretty wild acts, including paying for – or being paid for – intimacy.