Is NUS degree recognized worldwide

The answer to Is NUS degree recognized worldwide? is simply YES. NUS was ranked 19th worldwide in the THE World Reputation Rankings 2022, and was named the world’s 10th most international university by THE in 2023.

NUS degrees are generally respected and recognized worldwide by employers, academic institutions, and other organizations.

However, it’s important to note that the recognition of a university degree can vary depending on the specific field of study, the reputation of the program or department, and the region or country where you plan to use your degree. Some industries and professions may have specific accreditation requirements or may prefer graduates from certain universities known for their expertise in that field.

If you are considering pursuing a degree at NUS or any other university and have concerns about its global recognition, it’s recommended to do thorough research on the university’s reputation, accreditation, and alumni success in your chosen field. Additionally, you can check with prospective employers or relevant professional bodies in your desired job market to understand how NUS degrees are perceived and valued in that region.