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Lesund, Norway serves as the home office for the Norwegian savings bank known as Sparebanken Mre. Mre og Romsdal is the bank’s principal market. The bank was founded as a result of the merger of numerous savings banks in Mre og Romsdal.

SPAREBANKEN MRE takes part in Norway’s deposit guarantee program. This deposit guarantee program covers up to 2,000,000 NOK per bank per depositor and is applicable to current accounts, savings accounts, and time deposits opened by Norwegian and foreign legal companies as well as by Norwegian and foreign natural people. SPAREBANKEN MRE participates in and makes contributions to the Norwegian Banks’ Guarantee Fund (NBGF).

Eika Gruppen’s SPAREBANKEN MRE is a member (Norway).

The bank was founded as a result of the merger of numerous savings banks in Mre og Romsdal. In 1985, the following savings banks merged together: “About 170 rs historie.” Savings Bank More.

A savings bank in northwest Norway called Sparebanken More offers commercial banking services to businesses and individual customers. The Bank provides financial advising services in addition to deposits, loans, cash management, money transfers, and foreign exchange.

SPAREBANKEN MØRE is the eleventh biggest bank in Norway concerning absolute resources. In 2020 its complete resources were 56 617,75 mln NOK, furnishing the keep money with the piece of the pie of 1.28%. SPAREBANKEN MØRE is the seventh biggest reserve funds bank in Norway (out of 93 reserve funds banks) having piece of the pie of 3.41% among the banks of this classification. In 2020 the bank’s working pay was 561,79 mln NOK.

SPAREBANKEN MØRE partakes in the store ensure plan of Norway. This store ensure plot applies to current records, investment accounts, time store accounts made by normal people (Norwegian and unfamiliar), legitimate elements (Norwegian and unfamiliar) and conceals to up to 2,000,000 NOK per bank for every contributor. SPAREBANKEN MØRE is an individual from Norwegian Banks’ Assurance Asset (NBGF) and makes its commitments into it.

Bank Category

Savings banks


retail banking



private individuals



Area Served

local municipality


  • current accounts
  • credit cards
  • debit cards
  • savings accounts
  • time deposit accounts
  • consumer loans
  • car loans
  • mortgage loans

Ways to Bank

SPAREBANKEN MØRE delivers its products and services through both direct and indirect channels, namely:

  • Branch
  • Online Banking