Truworths Online Payment

Shopping brings deep joy and satisfaction to shoppers. Especially if the item you purchased has been on your wish list for a while. Carrying cash while shopping is dangerous. In today’s economy, every step should be taken to mitigate the loss of money. Truworths banking information makes shopping easier, faster and safer.

Truworths has been ranked among the top fashion stores in South Africa since it was founded in 1917. In each of the over 728 outlets countrywide, you will get the trendiest clothes that meet your style. Shopping at Truworths is always a heavenly experience. Why risk your safety by carrying notes and coins? Making payments is now quick and easy using your Truworths banking details.

Truworths account payment

Making a payment can be done in one of these three modes;

  • Truworths account card
  • Credit or debit Visa card
  • Credit or debit Mastercard

For the payments to be successful, you need to register for a Truworths profile using your name, email address, national identity card number and mobile phone number. Using this profile, you will be able to shop online or in the stores and to pay off all items over six or twelve months. The Truworths profile allows you to buy things at Truworths Man, OFFICE London, Truworths, Uzzi, Earthchild, Naartjie, Earthaddict, and Loads of Living stores countrywide. Membership comes with exclusive advantages and fashion vouchers.

Truworths online payment

For you to make an online payment, you need to have an online profile that is different from the regular Truworths profile. To register the account, you must be at least 18 years old and have a valid mobile phone number, email address and national identity card or passport. Once you create the profile, you can link it to the regular Truworths profile to make purchases using the card and to review all your statements online.

To shop online, you need a laptop, desktop, mobile phone or tablet that can access the Internet. Navigate through all the items and add the items that you need to your shopping cart and follow the subsequent instructions. The company always sends an email confirmation once the order is received.

To pay for your items fast and safe, use your Truworths account details. These are the same details you use when registering your profile. This is the registration form that you must fill.

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Pay Truworths account via Internet banking

Presently, Truworths is listed as a business recipient by all South African banks and their internet banking websites. Once you buy an item online, all you need to do is to select Truworths from the list and give your account number. This number is used as a reference. You may also choose to have a regular debit order on your profile. It is essential to be aware that all online payments or electronic funds transfers (EFT) may take between three and five business days for the amount to reflect.

Identity account

The Truworths International Retail Group encompasses UZZI, YDE and Identity. Can I pay my YDE account at Truworths? Yes, you can. Identity is an affordable fashion store that was opened in 1999 and now has over 147 outlets in South Africa. There is an online platform where you can view and shop for Identity shoes and view the Identity clothes pictures before making any Identity online purchase.

Making an online purchase on this platform requires you to have an Identity clothing account. The accepted modes of payment are;


You need to link your Identity account to your ATM number when you visit the nearest bank branch. The bank will guide you on the requirements that you must meet for the connection to be completed.

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Debit order

Identity can process your debit orders each day except between the 7th and 14th day of each month. You can pay for your fashion items in instalments or the full amount due. Debit orders are only applicable on cheque, savings or transmission accounts. If a debit order goes unpaid, Identity charges an administration fee as well as the amount owed on the Identity account. Identity cancels a debit order if the bank issues a “no funds available” report twice.

Internet banking

Identity online is listed among the beneficiaries in the websites of different banks. For you to make a payment using this mode, you should ensure that the Identity account number is on the statement for the relevant staff members to easily match the payment to the specific bank account.

Posting your payment

You can send an order via post or a cheque to the Identity store using the correct postal address. The address is;

Credit Services

PO Box 4775

Cape Town


Pay account online

Online payments via your credit card are allowed.

In contemporary South Africa, your Truworths banking details make your shopping experience a breeze. You require a Truworths account as well as an Identity online profile to make fashion purchases. Various methods of payment such as ATMs, Internet banking, online payments, account cards, and debit or credit Mastercards are allowed. Cash payments are also acceptable, but why should you risk your hard-earned money when you can use safer and faster options?