Usaa ATM

You can utilize three different sorts of ATMs: USAA preferred, non-USAA outside of the preferred network, and other ATMs.

Use of a USAA ATM or one of the 100,000 approved ATMs is free.

View note 1 Use our ATM locator to locate a USAA or recommended ATM.

We’ll automatically reimburse up to $10 in fees every monthly statement cycle if you use a non-USAA ATM outside of the approved network. Depending on who owns the ATM, a charge may apply.

With some USAA ATMs, deposits are also possible. There is no charge, and neither a deposit slip nor an envelope are required.

What you can do at each type of ATM is listed below.

  • taking money out
  • Deposit money or cheques in specific places.
  • Reduce ATM fees.
  • Moving money between connected bank accounts
  • Examine your equilibrium.

You can be charged a surcharge, use, or other cost when using an ATM that is not part of the USAA network. For transactions performed at non-USAA ATMs, the FSB reimburses non-USAA ATM surcharges and use fees up to a maximum of $10 each monthly statement cycle. There may be a 1% foreign transaction fee. Details can be found in the Account and Service Fee Schedule.

The terms “member” and “membership,” when used, relate to participation in USAA Membership Services and do not imply ownership or other legal rights in USAA. There are limitations that can change.

Other firms’ names, logos, and trademarks are the property of the organizations that hold them.

USAA Federal Savings Bank administers credit cards that USAA Savings Bank issues. USAA Federal Savings Bank provides additional banking services. Both banks are FDIC members.

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