Usaa Routing Number

Banks and other financial organizations in the US identify themselves using their routing numbers. They have nine digits and are also known as RTNs, ABA routing numbers, and routing transit numbers.

To handle Fedwire financial transactions, the Federal Reserve Banks require routing numbers. These are required by the ACH network to handle electronic money transfers, including bill payments and direct deposits.

For USAA Federal Savings Bank, the American Bankers Association ABA transit routing number is 314074269 (FSB).

USAA wire transfer route numbers

For both domestic and international wire transfers, USAA’s routing number is 314074269. You just need the wire routing number listed in this table to send a domestic wire transfer. It will be a “for further credit” transfer if you are sending an overseas wire transfer. The funds will be transferred to the end beneficiary via an intermediate bank. To ensure a smooth transfer, double-check the FFC transfer instructions with your beneficiary.

Type of wire transferUSAA routing number
Domestic Wire Transfer314074269
International Wire Transfer as FFC to USAA account in the USA314074269
SWIFT Code of the intermediary bank (The Bank of New York Mellon)IRVTUS3NXXX
Account number of intermediary bank8900624744

The ACH routing number for USAA

Each ACH transfer to a USAA account requires the inclusion of the ACH routing number. Use the ACH routing number 314074269 to send a domestic ACH transfer.

When submitting an ACH transfer to any USAA account, you must provide the ACH routing number.

What use do route numbers serve?

Routing numbers are used by banks in all kinds of financial operations. If you wish to accomplish any of the following, you might require one:

  • Create a direct deposit, or have your USAA account pay bills automatically.
  • Have money placed into your account, such a salary or pension
  • Pay by check.
  • Send a wire transfer or ACH payment to a US person.

Do all USAA route numbers resemble one another?

The transaction will determine the USAA routing number you require. You might need a different number to set up automated bill payments than you do to receive ACH transactions.

The routing numbers that a bank has may vary, but they are never exchanged with other banks. This makes it easier to ensure that your payment goes to the right place.

Locate the USAA routing numbers for:

Routing number for ACH transactions
a route number for wire transfers