Who puts money in ATM machines?

The process of replenishing cash in Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) is typically carried out by a specialized team of cash management companies, also known as armored car services or cash-in-transit (CIT) companies. These companies are contracted by the bank or financial institution that owns the ATM to handle the logistics of cash delivery and replenishment.

When an ATM runs low on cash, the cash management company sends an armored vehicle to the ATM location with a load of cash. The vehicle is typically staffed by two or more security personnel who are trained to handle cash in a secure and efficient manner. Once at the ATM location, the security personnel unload the cash from the vehicle and restock the ATM with the appropriate denominations of bills. The security personnel may also perform routine maintenance on the ATM, such as cleaning the card reader or checking for any technical issues.

After the cash has been loaded into the ATM, the security personnel secure the ATM and transport any excess cash back to the cash management company’s facility. The entire process is designed to ensure that the ATM is always stocked with enough cash to meet the needs of customers, while also minimizing the risk of theft or other security issues.